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The Site is Up!!!
By ZOMGxuan on 2008-03-10, 19:49:49

Finally, after procrastinating and being bogged down by schoolwork for 2 months, the main page for the website is finished, with a news section of its own. The final version (1.0) of Pixelchase Classic is done (with proper music functionality) and will soon be available for download. If you have no idea what that last sentence was about, the first incarnation of Pixelchase is not the last, thats why its called Classic, and Pixelchase Enhanced will be ready by... June probably. Pixelchase 0.9 is still available for download for those of you who do not want the overhead created by playing the game music, but heck, it doesn't take up that much CPU anyway. The rest of the site will follow up soon, especially the downloads section. So, stay tuned.

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