Allegro Game Programming Library
Go away, Spambots.
By ZOMGxuan on 2009-07-04, 13:05:01

A spambot has been spamming one of the older newsposts, so now I've made some changes to the comment system that will hopefully help to protect against automated spam a little. Originally, I tried to implement ReCAPTCHA, but after wasting a lot of time I found out that Sourceforge blocks connections to other servers, so ReCAPTCHA can't be used. Also, HTML is now disabled in comments.

By ZOMGxuan on 2010-10-16, 17:22:38
License modified, as per your suggestion. But more than one whole year later. I really need to maintain this more regularly.

By *buzz* on 2009-12-10, 04:22:18
Eh, the CAPTCHA doesn't really function well, lol. Anyway, why is the stuff under GPL v3 instead of v3+? While I don't think the FSF might be updating the GPL any time soon, it's probably a good idea to future-proof it.



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