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Long-Overdue Maintenance
By ZOMGxuan on 2010-10-16, 17:45:59

It strikes me as quite sad that my last post was over a year ago. Undeniable proof of my complete lack of efficiency or commitment.

In any case, development will hopefully proceed more smoothly from now on, with the addition of GIT repos for both Pixelchase and Cytovolution. You can now check out "bleeding-edge" code (ha, hahaha), and more importantly, I will never have to do all this version managing crap manually ever again. Plus I can develop remotely now. Yippee.

Pixelchase (Classic) has been heavily rewritten for a much cleaner and more organized coding style, along with a much improved menu class and support for pretty flexible option configuration (keyboard controls, sound drivers, points to win, AI difficulty, etc.). In fact, I did this work long ago, I just never got around to releasing it. You can either grab it from the GIT repo (there is even a Makefile!), or just wait a short while more for me to ready a proper release.

A side effect of this work is the obsoletion of the code in Pixelchase Enhanced. I originally wrote the menu class in Enhanced, then ported it back to Classic before improving it greatly along with many other things, with the end result being Enhanced code looking very crappy in comparison. So, I began thinking, why bother spending so much effort maintaining these 2 almost identical things separately?

As a result, Pixelchase Enhanced is going to be merged back into Classic, and the game will be just be called Pixelchase. This will allow for multiple modes of gameplay (either Classic-style or Enhanced/rotational-style), thus resolving the problem once and for all. However, in the interests of both purity and providing an ultra-lightweight version of the game (which can still fit on a floppy disk), there will be a version released containing only the core, classic gameplay. This version will probably be very similar to the version of Pixelchase Classic that I will release soon.

It has been quite a journey developing this game, with quite a lot more time spent in hiatus rather than actually producing content, but being a much more experienced programmer than 3 years ago, it is my hope that Pixelchase not only gets better, but gets better faster.

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