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By ZOMGxuan on 2012-01-27, 23:40:40

More than a year after writing most of the code for it, I am finally announcing the release of Pixelchase 1.1. Most of the changes are under-the-hood optimizations and code clean-up, as I have mentioned in a previous post, but besides that, you can now extensively configure various game options, such as input, AI difficulty, points to win and player speed. (If you want to have a make-shift music visualization instead of a game, try setting both AIs to Perfect, player speed to 99, and then admire as Red and Blue zip along after each other at speeds so incomprehensible that they sometimes merge into Magenta.)

Prepping for a release presents challenges that are surprisingly frustrating, not the least of which is setting up build environments for 32bit Linux (using chroot) and Windows (after having the ditched the now inactive Dev-C++). On the other hand, being able to iron out all the tiny kinks in your software (from displaying the right icons to static linking to customizing X WM_Classes) and make the game, shall I say, pixel-perfect, is ultimately satisfying. Hope you all enjoy the release. I certainly have while sitting on it for a year.

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