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This website is not dead.
By ZOMGxuan on 2008-07-09, 20:16:05

Nor is Pixelchase. I have been coding Pixelchase Enhanced, and all the basics have been done, including rotation, acceleration, friction, Oriented Bounding-box Collision Detection, and a nifty arrow which shows the direction you are heading in at the press of a button. I might upload a sample version if I have the time. Upcoming features include a menu (which I have not ported over to Enhanced), more original music, and NETWORK PLAY!!!

Yes, yes, you think I take awfully long time to program such a simple game. But I'm a student currently, and I have homework, so often I am too busy to program. By the way, some of you who use Linux may have had some trouble running pixelchase. Apparently you need the DUMB library as a dependency to get the game running. Download it from your package manager. As a solution to that problem, I have made Debian and Red Hat packages for Pixelchase classic, which include all the dependencies, and I will upload them as soon as possible.

Until then, don't look forward to seeing another post.

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