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A Very Commentable Effort
By ZOMGxuan on 2009-03-20, 14:53:32

If you have not already realized (but who visits this site anyway?), visitors now have the ability to comment on news posts, and correspondingly, spam (please don't, I will just delete it). So what is this tremendous effort that all of you guys can now comment upon? Well, it is the first ever release of Pixelchase Enhanced (version 0.8). If you read my 1st or 2nd news post, you may have noticed me saying that Enhanced would have been out in June last year. As you can see, I drastically overestimated my working speed.

But now that Pixelchase Enhanced is here, let me elaborate more on it. When I say enhanced, I mean it, because this new incarnation of Pixelchase not only has rotation of the pixels, acceleration, friction, double tapping for a speed boost, and oriented bounding box collision detection (that's a mouthful), it also has network play! Yes, network play. Of course this is a far cry from online multiplayer, so you only can play with your friends on the same LAN, or do it over the Internet with the help of a VPN like Hamachi or OpenVPN. And it still probably has bugs which I haven't noticed. It requires typing in the other person's IP, which is pretty easy to find out with a VPN. This also means you can play against yourself 'over the network' by running two instances of Pixelchase and entering (localhost) as the IP address of the host. Oh yes, you can chat during network play. Various GUI elements have been improved or optimized (mostly under the hood).

Now you are probably wondering where to download this wicked new game on which you waste half your life playing (not). Well, I have bad news for Windows users. Since Windows uses the winsock library instead of the standard Berkeley C sockets which almost every other OS uses, I have yet to port the network code over for Windows. Luckily, winsock is very similar to Berkeley sockets. So for now, here is the source for Linux. You can also go to the downloads page to get it. A friend I have mentioned before managed to compile this version for Mac OS X, but it still has the same old timer problem.

This is all for now, don't expect anything for months to come.

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