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Cytology + Evolution = Cytovolution!
By ZOMGxuan on 2009-04-26, 20:41:17

What started out as a school cell biology project to create an interesting game to teach the topic has, well, remained that way, considering I only recently finished it. Nonetheless, a new open-source game (which is now hosted here) has been born through that project, a game one might superficially call a Spore Origins clone, albeit with worse graphics. Heads up to my friend and project mate who did the sprites for this by the way, which are, though not particularly complicated, definitely more complex than the pixels in Pixelchase.

In Cytovolution, you play as a cell, a free swimming protist in a world that happens to be 4000 by 3000 pixels large. Your goal is simple: Survive. Eat other cells to grow larger and maintain your sugar levels, for if you have no more sugar, you die. At the same time you must avoid being eaten by larger cells. When you reach a certain size, you divide into two daughter cells and retain control of one of them (the other one becomes your evil twin). This does not mean you start over again in a meaningless process. Much like in Spore, you get to choose a new (beneficial) mutation upon division, such as cilia which boost movement speed. Unlike Spore, your enemies reproduce and mutate too, but they mutate randomly. Those that happen to get features that are more suited to the environment will naturally live longer and reproduce, while those that do not, die out, hence the evolutionary aspect referred to in the name. This aspect, along with the scientifically termed upgrades you can get, add much more scientific realism to Cytovolution, differentiating it from Spore. Also, there is no end game except death, but there is a score counter.

The current release for this game is version 0.5, simply because it is too tacky to merit a 1.0 version number. Not all sprites are fully implemented, the collision code is sloppy, and the code is downright hacky at many points, although certainly cleaner than both Pixelchases. I host this game on the Pixelchase website because I do not want to waste even more resources on a game that I am even less likely to continuously develop. It does not deserve its own website, so I put it here, otherwise its open-source licensing would be for naught. Go to the downloads page to get it, for both Windows and Linux.

By xxXmonsterXxx on 2009-04-28, 12:24:31
yeah, macs are kewl, you mac-hater you suck. go to hell

By Moses on 2009-04-27, 18:16:09
This game ie heresy, you know that cells do not mutate and they ARE the way since Creation. But the game is fun.

By sin899 on 2009-04-27, 17:19:08
what about mac??

By sin899 on 2009-04-27, 17:18:34
what about playing on mac??



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