Allegro Game Programming Library

Here you can download the latest versions of Pixelchase (and Cytovolution). For earlier versions, go here.



Yes I actually compiled a version for all you pitiful slaves of the Microsoft empire. Get the setup executable if you have admin privileges and prefer installing stuff "properly". Get the zip file if you don't.


Debian and Red Hat packages are provided. The latter are not guaranteed to work. Statically-compiled standalone binaries are also available, should you happen to use a different distribution, or not have superuser access.


Makefiles are included. Use to compile on Windows with static linking. Run 'make' on Linux to compile with shared libraries, 'make static' to use static-linking. Run 'make macosx' if you're keen to try compiling Pixelchase for Mac OS X. The required libraries are Allegro 4, the DUMB library v0.9.3, and pthreads-win32 on Windows.


For this spin off project from Pixelchase, there are versions for both Windows and Linux. Sources are included with all the archive files. For Windows, download the first link if you are unsure, or else if you already have the Allegro and Pthreads DLLs in your system folder, download the second link. No binaries for Linux, so the command line code to compile is as follows:

g++ cytovolution.cpp -o cytovolution `allegro-config --libs`